The Radio Wranglers

Vintage Country and Western!

Meet the band

Ruthie and Blaine.jpg

Blaine mcquinn - Fiddle

Ruthie mcquinn - Fiddle

Blaine and Ruthie's soaring twin fiddle along with well matched vocal harmonies give The Radio Wranglers a unique sound. The husband and wife team bring many years of experience playing traditional music of all kinds. Ruthie grew up playing music with her Father Rick, and Sister Katie in the Krause Family Band from Madison, WI. Ruthie brings the soul of Appalachian fiddling, along with a tender voice that brings tears to your eyes. Blaine studied music Performance at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, where he began to play live music as well. He's played the fiddle and sang with a number of groups, and is comfortable in most settings including Bluegrass, Irish, Old-time, and of course Country and Western Swing.


Danny Tyksinski - Guitars

Danny Tyksinski is responsible for the hot guitar licks in The Radio Wranglers. A New York native, Danny moved to Wisconsin in his formative years. He and Blaine met at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in the music program. There, Danny studied Jazz and Classical guitar, along with violin. He has been immersed in the country music tradition for several years now, and really helps give the band it's unique and diverse sound.

Ed Novak - Rhythm Guitar

Ed is responsible for the hard swingin' rhythm that country music so desperately craves. He began taking guitar lessons in 1963 when his school hired a Professor Harold Hill wannabe to start a band. After many painful hours of struggling with his Silvertone archtop, he was able to play the first few measures of “Walk Right In” by the The Rooftop Singers. A few months later The Beatles landed in America and Ed decided to go electric, beating Dylan to the punch by more than a year. He played in rock bands in Chicago until 1974, when economics forced him to sell all of his equipment. Twenty years later, he bought a Stratocaster and started going to local blues jams in Milwaukee to test the waters. Blaine and Ed have played together for nearly 10 years, first with the Cathouse Drifters, a Milwaukee based roots band. We are extremely lucky have such a wonderful guy and musician with us!

Peyton Lencho - Bass

Peyton Lencho is responsible for rounding out the low end with his savory bass sounds. Also a University of Whitewater graduate, is a great Jazz bassist and is comfortable in many styles. He is a staple of the Cream City music scene. Blaine and Peyton have played music together for several years, including ensembles at Whitewater and live band settings. He has found a home with The Radio Wranglers, and we are so very glad we have him on board!